Welcome, you're probably wondering what this podcasting network is all about and what we do on a daily basis. Well I'd like to introduce myself first, my name is...


Now you're probably asking yourself, what the frack is a nodball? Well nodball is both the name of our podcasting network and the name of our little mascot who serves to entertain, inform and look cool in the process.

We're in the business of caring for the little guy or gal, giving them a platform for which they can expose their work on a platform that would help them discover each other and discover their audience.

nodball aims to provide the best possible experience for all ages and all audiences, our key statements are as follows.

  1. To provide a stable platform which waters the seeds allowing those to grow.
  2. To provide unique entertainment experiences.
  3. To provide an environment for free speech without all the hate.
  4. To not focus on profit or other short term goals.
  5. To treat people as if they want to be treated.
  6. To support artistic expression and freedom with minimal interference.

nodball is made possible by the creators who make content, the people who support their content and the people who keep us going. Without you, there would be no nodball and therefore one less home to host podcasts with warmth and character.

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